Mentor Programs

Course Introduction Video

A great master teacher I worked with told me “Its when your qualified and you start teaching your learning really starts” and as a young teacher at the beginning of my journey I had no idea of how right she was.

With traditional Pilates training programmes an instructor normally was a client for a long time before they trained to become and instructor.
Training was much more an apprentice system where you learnt along side the main teacher of the studio.

With the popularity today of Pilates and demand for instructors many schools of Pilates have been established to offer training courses. Often these are done as modular courses and are separated into Matwork and Equipment courses.

These programmes of study can offer excellent understanding and practice of the teaching the method. What I have created here is a way to help you take your training and experience to a new level. To give you confidence and clarity working with real clients with common issues. These courses are for qualified instructors from any school of Pilates to work alongside us in a studios working with clients and assisting in Matwork Classes.

As I have always been passionate about training being able to ?t your own schedule these programmes are designed to achieve that. The
hardest part of being a good instructor is being able to take time off for your self. With my programmes your can decide what ?ts your schedule the best.

I look forward to meeting when you attend one of our events, 

Michael A. King