Anna Koshnicharova

Instructor Avatar

When I decided to explore different physical activities, Pilates turned out to be a “love at first try” to me. After diving deeper in the method I found myself so much more aware of my body. Pilates not only moves me, it challenges me to constantly learn and do more in order to get a better understanding of the human body. That is why I also started to delve into topics such as nutrition and joined the community of Precision Nutrition coaches. In taking a holistic approach to health, I believe we can take better care of ourselves.

While exploring Pilates as a student, I came across an MK Pilates Academy mat training and immediately enrolled in it, motivated by the desire to perform better at my workouts in the studio. A year later I started teaching mat Pilates and now I enjoy developing my own practice at the Good Life Diver studio, where I work 1:1 with people, needing movement therapy.

It is never too late to start over, even at 40, and quit doing what you are expected to do rather focusing on what truly inspires you. Apart from the inherent physical benefits, Pilates also influenced my personality. It made me more confident and positive. But also led me to modify my approach towards different situations in life in the same way that I have learned to modify moves in class for both, myself and my students. So that they would fit better and still bring valuable benefits.

During the last year I have created the The Good Life Diver studio, where I work with people in need of movement therapy.