Pilates Matwork Bridging Course

Course Introduction Video



This is a course which has developed out of the maturation of the Pilates Teaching Industry. Many teachers have now been teaching for a long time and come from a multitude of different educations and training providers. Another group exist who have trained more recently, but also wish to add onto or develop their existing knowledge and experience. At MK Pilates, we have had many people from both of these groups come to us asking for more education or specifically how can they learn the specific MK Pilates interpretation of Pilates. It has always been a challenge working out how to provide this training.

Traditionally we have always recommended that our Matwork Stage 01 course is where we lay down the MK Pilates Method, and also where we focus specifically on how we believe one should teach the Pilates Method for the best results, both physically and mentally, for the clients. This was a group teaching skill course and was designed for new teachers. We have never believed we could condense this education or offer a different format until now.

With the development of our Online Student Database and filming many hours of supporting video content that can be accessed 24 hours a day from the moment that a course is paid for, along with the ability to share data files for our written materials, we now believe we can offer a solution.

For those who wish to bridge between their existing qualifications and the MK Pilates Diplomas we are excited to offer a tailor made education which incorporates the work of not just the Matwork Stage 01, but also our Stage 02 and 03 courses to fully round our education to cover group and personal training formats to all levels of the Pilates Matwork Repertoire.

To achieve this, we will provide two formats for educations. The most accessible being completely online where you participate in 24 hours of live viewing and interactive sessions of 12 times 2 hours each. The other involves a 3-day face to face tutored course which is over one 3-day weekend. Both come with all the online supporting materials of 15 hours of video, Handbook and Workbook plus assessment for group foundation class and teaching one to one to achieve the Diploma Certification. Either of these courses could also be participated by any previous MK Pilates Matwork Student.

We look forward to being able to offer our interpretation of the Pilates Method to even more teachers and to help you expand and add to your existing knowledge.

For more details please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a call to have a more personal discussion about how this programme can work for you.