MK Pilates Matwork Diplomas

Course Introduction Video

We offer three different levels of our Matwork Diploma Qualification depending upon which MK Pilates Training Centre you work with.  These are identified by the hours of attendance of each course.  They are named as follows:

  • Foundation Diploma (226 hours Teacher Development Credit)
  • Standard Diploma (250 hours Teacher Development Credit)
  • Masters Diploma (415 hours Teacher Development Credit)

All three Diploma formats include our three Matwork Certifications. The Masters Diploma includes 10 days of further educational content.  For further questions about the formats please contact us.

Each Matwork Course has different assessment processes however MK Pilates requires all students to complete an Anatomy, Physiology and Pilates multiple choice theory paper of 35 questions before any certificates can be issued. The one paper covers all three courses with further elements that are unique to each course.  There are Open Book (home completed) elements to all courses, as well as practical assessments of teaching skills and personal technique.

MK Pilates Training is recognised worldwide and if you live in the UK and would like to add the Level 3 Qualification to your Diploma, we offer this as a bolt on after you have completed your Standard Matwork Diploma.  Anyone outside of the UK can also choose to assess under the UK Level 3 processes.  Due to variable circumstances of the educations please contact us directly for further discussion on this topic.

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