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With MK Pilates, we categorise any student who holds one of the Diplomas listed below as a Graduate Student of our certifications in Pilates Matwork.

We offer three different levels of our Matwork Diploma Qualification depending upon which MK Pilates Training Centre you work with.  These are identified by the hours of attendance of each course.  They are named as follows:

  • Foundation Matwork Diploma (226 hours Teacher Development Credit)
  • Standard Matwork Diploma (250 hours Teacher Development Credit)
  • Masters Matwork Diploma (415 hours Teacher Development Credit)

All three Diploma formats include our three Matwork Certifications. The Masters Diploma includes 10 days of further educational content.  For further questions about the formats please contact us.

Our Foundation Matwork Diploma offers all of the same training content as our Standard Matwork Diploma but with a shorter Face to Face time. Many new students come to us while they are still working in other occupations, or have other fulltime commitments upon their time, and then often have considerable travel to the training event location. To help with our new students in these circumstances, some of our International Centres offer the MK Pilates Foundation Matwork Diploma in modular formats, which then achieve 9 days of Face to Face time. We also offer this Foundation Matwork Diploma once a year, as an Intensive Course over 10 days, in both the UK and Greece. A Standard Matwork Diploma will achieve 12 days of Face to Face time. It should be noted however that the education content is the same for both a Foundation and a Standard Matwork Diploma but the Face to Face is condensed.

Once you have completed a Foundation Matwork Diploma you are able to upgrade your certificate by adding more courses and achieve a Standard Matwork Diploma Qualification by adding more personal development hours to achieve the total hours required for a Standard Matwork Diploma.

Matwork Part One

Matwork Part Two

Matwork Part Three

Our Standard Matwork Diploma is our main Matwork Certification and consists of our three Matwork Certifications as detailed below. Each of the certifications consists of 4 days of education in either a modular, typically 2 x 2 days, or as a 4 day intensive event format for delivery. This results in 12 days of Face to Face tutor led time, and along with your home study time, personal practice hours, and all Assessment processes you achieve our maximum credit of educational development hours for Matwork Pilates.

Matwork Part One

Matwork Part Two

Matwork Part Three

Our Masters Matwork Diploma not only offers the Matwork Stage One, Two and Three but also our five Functional Anatomy one day courses, as well as three small equipment one day course and two special populations days. The details of these are available below by clicking on the button.

We feel that all instructors should be able to manage many different clients with different and challenging physical needs and it is through the additional courses we bring more education to you that address these needs.

It may take several years to achieve this level of qualification as many students who start with us on a Foundation or Standard Matwork Diploma continue with the education and reach Masters Level in their own timeframe.

A Master Matwork Diploma is not scheduled as one series of dates. It can be achieved in pieces and elements such as small equipment or anatomy can be attended even before a Standard Matwork Diploma is completed. Please have a look at our DIARY, consult with your Training Centre or through our website for further education or guidance with your training Pathway choices.

Matwork Part One

Matwork Part Two

Matwork Part Three

Supplementary Modules

Each Matwork Course has different assessment processes however MK Pilates requires all students to complete an Anatomy, Physiology and Pilates multiple choice theory paper of 35 questions before any certificates can be issued. The one paper covers all three courses with further elements that are unique to each course.  There are Open Book (home completed) elements to all courses, as well as practical assessments of teaching skills and personal technique.

MK Pilates Training is recognised worldwide and if you live in the UK and would like to add the Level 3 Qualification to your Diploma, we offer this as a bolt on after you have completed your Standard Matwork Diploma.  Anyone outside of the UK can also choose to assess under the UK Level 3 processes.  Due to variable circumstances of the educations please contact us directly for further discussion on this topic.

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For many reasons, we can all find ourselves in the position where we wish we knew more about the body and its systems and this can be for many different reasons. We are excited to bring this new series of lectures to help build your confidence and understand to a conscious and useable level for any individual interested in or requiring to learn about the body. Whether you are an experience d and qualified instructor, a new teacher just staring out on your journey into certification and teaching or simply interested in understanding more for your own knowledge, this course will give you a solid foundation to build upon as you grow and develop your specialities and passion for knowledge of the body.

We will take you through step by step with a logically structure and accessible bites of topics and specific information so each week you gain more and more knowledge. Always available to you to replay and revisit time and time again. The content structure has been developed from the experience of MK Pilates working within the UK National Qualifications structure across used across multiple disciplines within the Fitness Industry. Each topic will be related to the level expected by the Health & Fitness Industry but with our own interpretation and overview of each.

We lay out the lectures in our 12 week course with an intention that between each release you do your own complimentary self-study to confirm and cross reference the materials, using any links to supporting data that are recommended. This is delivered online with multiple subjects released each week for you to digest and add to your knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to self-assess with a series of optional mini-tests as the course progresses so that you can see how well your knowledge and understanding of each concept is developing.

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The Bridging Course is designed for those instructors who have completed training with other Pilates Schools and are looking to add or compliment their education while learning any differences with the MK Pilates Method of teaching.

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Course Dates

Course Dates


Starting Month Starting Date
MK Pilates - Global
Matwork Stage 01 Module 01 25 January 2020 Jan-25 25/01/2020
Module 02 15 February 2020
Matwork Stage 02 Module 01 07 March 2020
Module 02 18 April 2020
Matwork Stage 03 Module 01 06 June 2020
Module 02 25 July 2020
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Starting Month Starting Date
MK Pilates - Greece (Athens, Attikí)
Matwork Stage 01 Module 01 05 October 2019 Oct-19 05/10/2019
Module 02 02 November 2019
Matwork Stage 02 Module 01 07 December 2019
Module 02 11 January 2020
Matwork Stage 03 Module 01 01 February 2020
Module 02 29 February 2020


Starting Month Starting Date
Matwork Stage 01 Module 01 21 September 2019 Sep-19 21/09/2019
Module 02 28 September 2019
Matwork Stage 02 Module 01 19 October 2019  
Module 02 09 November 2019 
Matwork Stage 03 Module 01 23 November 2019
Module 02 30 November 2019

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