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This course will give you all you need to safely and effectively take your client through the MK Pilates repertoire in a One to One personal training environment on the Wunda Chair.

Final Assessment: A written assessment is required covering evidence of knowledge and application of knowledge of the repertoire for the Wunda Chair.  This is typically submitted after attendance of the training course.

Hours Summary

Studio Equipment Foundation Diploma

Studio Equipment Standard Diploma

5 lecture hours,
1 Days: 8 lecture hours,
Self-Study, Personal Practice and Workbook Completion - 10 Hours, Self-Study, Personal Practice and Workbook Completion - 7 Hours,
Teacher Development - Total 15 Hours Teacher Development - Total 15 Hours

Studio Equipment Masters & Graduate Diplomas – Wunda Chair Requirements

As Above

The Masters & Graduate Diplomas involve additional specialised education days.  These may not all be provided by your elected training centre at this time however all training centres are working towards offering all of the Diploma Content in time.

Wunda Chair Certificate:
Certificate of Achievement valid for 2 years with a requirement for ongoing education to maintain verification with 14 hours Teacher Development Hours each 2 year period.  No expiry once a full Diploma is achieved.  (When enrolled on The Studio Equipment Diploma Course and actively attending the courses your certificate will be renewed automatically.)
Foundation Diploma:   Some centres have a delivery format that has less Face to Face time due to local considerations.  When this occurs, the extra hours can be accrued through attendance of additional educational events in the subsequent months and years to qualify for the other levels of Diplomas.  Typically, a Foundation Diploma has less observed practice time and fewer tutor led group classes but educational content is not excluded.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Face to Face Tutor Time
  • The MK Pilates Repertoire appertaining to the Wunda Chair
  • Movement modifications, purpose of adaptations and progressions for each movement.
  • How to screen clients to use the Wunda Chair.
  • How these pieces relate to the other Pilates Equipment
  • Programme design: how to create a suitable Pilates programme based on client’s aims and postural assessment.
  • Observed teaching practice incorporating the new required skills elements of the work.
  • Formative assessment of the Pilates Lab for your personal development.

Support Materials

  • The student Handbook and Workbook provided as downloadable PDF files to print at your convenience but required to be accessed either digitally or in printed format during your Face to Face tutor time. The Handbook displays versions of the movements with note pages for your completion during and after the education.  The Workbook holds the Assessment Questions.  It is recommended you familiarise yourself with this material prior to attendance wherever possible.



  • Completion of a Workbook involving 10 questions asking for evidence of knowledge of the movements and their application and teaching needs.
  • The suggested period for the completion of the is one month from completion of the course. You have one year to successfully complete all assessment process after which MK Pilates reserve the right to request attendance of elements of the course and may apply charges for this and any re-assessments after the one year period is over.
  • If a Michael King Pilates multiple choice theory paper has not been completed you may be asked to complete this at another agreed time to achieve your certification. As every situation is individual your Training Centre or Tutor will be able to discuss this with you but MK Pilates Administration will make the final decision as to whether the paper is required.  This element covers general Anatomy and Physiology areas to a Health and Fitness entry level standard of knowledge.

NOTE: the assessment can be worked on consecutively with the assessment processes for any other MK Pilates courses. This is an assessment of One to One application of knowledge.



MK Pilates Matwork Part 01 attended or completed or appropriate equivalent training.

Course Dates

Course Dates

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Gabor Fuzy

Gabor Fuzy


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