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1 Day Intensive

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MK Pilates BARRE

MK Pilates Barre Programme is a license free group movement workout combining exercises inspired by Ballet and Pilates and Stretch Classes and repertoires.

The movements focus on alignment, conditioning and stretch. This program is for everybody and combines Pilates, and Ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers often have to endure. The other equally important aspect of Barre is the mental and physical focus it demands while, at the same time, you are having a fun.

The Barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on alignment, conditioning and stretch. This program is for everybody and if you do not have access to a Barre then a stable chair is a very practical substitute.

For any teacher one of the challenges is to stay current and innovative at the same time for both your own and the class participant’s enjoyment and benefits. As one of the hottest fitness trends right now this Barre programme offers you the chance to have busy classes now and in the future as Barre has existed as long as Ballet and will continue to achieve results for all ages and groups.

Each class programme we develop offers new music and choreographic combinations and movements to work with.

Training (Face to Face)

When you attend any face to face education event you have the opportunity to enjoy an educational, fun, informative and inspirational day, along with other students going through the same experience as you! 

With your tutor to coach you through the day, you will have the programme, and how it was developed explained to you in detail.  Experience the difference it can make to have the fundamentals of the programme explained as you go through the full content.  With the tutor and your fellow students there with you, you will have all the opportunities you need to ask the questions you need answered as you are learning. 

Be taught the content track by track with variations and adaptations discussed and practiced then and there. You will also have the chance to pass the assessment at the end of the day by teaching to the group and obtaining direct feedback from the course tutor. 

For many Face to Face is truly the most enjoyable and quickest way to learning but for everyone, whether doing online only or face to face education, knowledge of content, repetition, and practice is what is required to complete the process towards being the best teacher you can be.

Truly a great way to be given another way of developing your career and bringing fun and effective programmes of exercise to your public. 

Included Content:

  • Breakdown of Combinations
  • Safety and Effective Teaching Skills
  • The Class Programme and Music
  • Course Handbook and Workbook
  • Certificate of Achievement *
  • (Face to Face) Evaluation on the day made by the tutor.
  • (Distance Learning) Requires video submission which will incur an additional assessment fee.

* Certificate of Achievement. If you wish to receive this certificate, then there are two opportunities for assessment.


You are not required to be a Pilates or Dance teacher to attend this programme but those that have a Pilates certification and or a Dance or Group Exercise background will recognise references to the existing teaching skills and movements.

Recommended but not limited too:

  • Exercise to Music (E.T.M.) or equivalent.
  • Dance Teacher Qualification or equivalent.
  • Experience with the concept of teaching movement to music phrasing.

Once purchased:

After you have purchased your first programme and you have been assessed you may buy any previous or new programme upon its release, receive the new Workbook, music and class programme video specific to the that programme.

Once Certified:

  • You will be able to deliver the MK Pilates Barre Programme class anywhere
  • Have a training manual, a license free Music and Class Programme specific to each class
  • Able to purchase any marketing materials
  • You will be listed on the MK Pilates Web Site as a certified MK Pilates Barre instructor
  • Able to buy clothes and supporting branded products.

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Romina Figueroa

Romina Figueroa


Sv 20 Okt., 2019 (1 Day)


1 Day Intensive

Staff VP Pilates Av. Sta.Fe 3192 2º B
Lambare 990
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires


Please contact MK Pilates Argentina : Caba with any questions.
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